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He is him.

Magnus Klausen is a guitarist, producer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. With highly acclaimed contributions, Magnus brings a unique flavor to his creations using his skills as a multi-instrumentalist and beat maker. He’s worked with and been part of releases from a wide range of artists such as R&B legend Ne-Yo, Coke Boys Records founder French Montana, Kpop idols TXT, popular UK rapper Tion Wayne, Nigerian-born British rapper & singer Darkoo, and the genre-fluid Blue Wednesday to name a few.

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How to make a guitarist/ producer.

Born in Norway, Magnus started playing the guitar and discovered his passion for music at a young age. Raised by creative parents, attending Sunday services, and starting his first band with best friends at 10 years old, there was only really one direction for his development.

Shortly after graduating high school on a music program he moved to Liverpool, England, to study at the prestigious Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Founded by the Beatles legend Paul McCartney, LIPA is known for pumping out some of the best in the business. Magnus spent the next three years mastering his craft and honing in on his production skills while posting frequently on Instagram to document this journey.

Following graduating university in 2019, Magnus made his move to London which would prove itself worthwhile as he went on to meet the Artist, Writer, and Producer, Ebenezer. Magnus then signed his first publishing deal with 53 Sundays Publishing, and started working on his first major releases as a guitarist and producer.

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The Recipe: About


Magnus currently works with a vast array of artists, splitting his time between session guitar playing and producing. Alongside this his own music is in the works to eventually be released under his own name and creative vision. More will be announced when he gets off his lazy ass and actually starts promoting some of his own.

The Recipe: About
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